Building Purposeful People Who Think Well, Love Well, and Lead Well



to see a changed life, change lives


The Story Behind Pressing Pause

Every person and organization has a story and so do we. You can read about Mike's personal journey to launch Pressing Pause and the heart and need behind it.

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Our Sweet Spot

A changed life is the best life and we love to engage and have conversations around life-change, leadership, strategic thought, intentional living, and community. We would love to engage your family, organization, church, or non-profit in these ideas.

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Our Partners and Friends

Not only do we spend time one on one time with a number of leaders around the country, but we engage with other non-profits and organizations as well. You want to talk? We will listen.

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Why does Pressing Pause exist?

The answer to that question is our vision...if Pressing Pause fulfills our mission of building purposeful people we will be working towards our vision of a changed life, changing lives.

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How helpful would it be to clearly define your purpose or mission? What are you really here for and what are you called to do? Once you have the answer to those questions where do you want to go with the answer? What is your "so what"? How will you do this? What is your plan? How will you accomplish your mission and vision?

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